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About Us

 Welcome to Chewelry & Babe!

My name is Tanya and I’m the new owner. While we’ve been in business since 2017 I’m actually not the founder; it’s a bit of a long story but I’ll give it a shot. I was ending my mat leave and was told by my employer I did not have a job to return to. This was obviously devastating, as my career was my identity! And to make matters worse, a few weeks after the news, COVID-19 hit. During this time, my friend had a baby, and as a loyal customer of Chewelry & Babe I went on the site to order some cute baby gifts. Dana, the founder & previous owner, was closing shop and having a closing sale. While I should have been happy for some major savings I was quite sad. I remember saying ‘OMG’ out loud and being shocked that this amazing Canadian company was shutting down. Without much thought, I sent an email asking Dana if she’d be willing to sell the company. Fast forward exactly ONE month and I am now the new proud owner. If there ever was a perfect example of serendipity, this is it!

 I’m now on a mission to make Mom’s life easier and Babe’s life cuter! But it goes beyond that. I want to empower Mother’s to never feel like they aren’t enough. We, as Mothers, do truly remarkable things. We are stronger than we could have ever imagined and if we work together, we can accomplish anything! That’s why I actively seek out partnerships with Mother’s whether that be with influencers, photographers, videographers and assemblers. Let’s continue to build this #MomArmy together!


XO Tanya