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Product Safety

Chewelry & Babe is Made by Moms 

Staying true to our roots, we continue to make each and every teething product by hand. We employ local moms, so each product is made with love and care, as if it were for their own child. 

The Highest Safety Standards for Your Babe 

Safety and function come first in each and every Chewelry & Babe design. All of our teething products are made using a unique process that ensures the beads stay safely on the clip. We use thick nylon cord that is double strung through the beads, with no loose ends that can come undone on either end of the string. Double stringing the beads makes them extra secure: should one string break, the beads will still be held safely in place by the second string. Our nylon cord is thick and strong, meaning you would need sharp scissors to break the pacifier clip strings.


 We Select Materials for Safety and Quality

You can be confident that your Chewelry & Babe items contain no harmful ingredients. All of our silicone beads and teethers are: 

- BPA Free 
- Phthalate Free 
- Lead Free, and
- Toxin Free

Adult Supervision Required

All teething products should be used under adult supervision. Teething necklace is meant for an adult, not to be worn by a baby or child. Under no circumstances should any teething product be placed with child while sleeping 


Need more info? We get it! 

If you would like any further information on safety, please contact us using our contact form. We could talk about this stuff all day!